Uttarakhand Cuisines


The side dishes in Uttarakhand Cuisines are equally important and simple to prepare; bhang ki chutney, Kumaoni raita, hara namak are some of the sides that add to the flavor of main course meals. Conclusion about Cuisines of Uttarakhand is incomplete without its deserts, of which Singal-Puha, Jhangora ki Kheer, Singodi and Baal Mithai are speciality of Uttarakhand. If you wish to tell us about food of Uttarakhand or some different cuisine of Uttarakhand, then please feel free to reach us.



A tempting Uttarakhand cuisine that is refreshing and is a mixture of Radish, Lemon, Curd and paste of Bhang(Hemp) seeds. Sana Hua Nimbu (Nimbu Saan), is a winter delicacy from the Kumaon cuisine of Uttarakhand.

Bhang ke chutney


Bhang ke Chutney is the most popular chutney of Kumaon region, Uttarakhand and is a perfect accompaniment to every meal. Bhang (Hemp seed) is the main ingredient of this chutney. It is prepared on grinding stone/Sil Batta

Kumaoni Raita


Pahadi Kheere ka raita is a Kumaoni style cucumber raita. Kumaoni Raita is an outburst of flavors and is made with yoghurt, cucumber, mustard seeds (Phahadi rai). It's different from other raitas as rai makes it very flavorful and tasty.

Bhaang ka namak being prepared using hemp seeds


Bhaang ka Namak or Hemp Seed Salt is prepared using organic and natural herbs with hemp seeds grinded on silbatta or traditional stone. Bhaang ka Namak (Sil Pisi loon/ noon) from Uttarakhand add an extra dimension to your cooking with its colour, aroma.


Kumaoni Bada, is a crispy, flavorsome, split black urad dal fritter. Its seasoned with coriander, green chilli, turmeric & generous amount of asafoetida to get the sought after taste of Pahadi bada. This kumaoni food is made for all festivals & auspicious occasions.


Til ke chutney is made from roasted sesame seeds turned into a smooth paste with salt, a touch of sugar and green chilies. This chutney is sweet & spicy and has become popular outside the state as well.


In India, sweets have a special place in every culture and so is in Uttarakhand’s Culture. Uttarakhand is no less when it comes to the variety of desserts this state celebrates. This State is not only famous for Uttarakhand cuisines or side dishes but also for its amazing sweets. It's very difficult to categorize which sweets and desserts to put on the list and which ones to exclude, as there are so many varieties. Below are the top 10 famous sweets of Uttarakhand.


Bal Mithai is a brown chocolate-like fudge, made with roasted khoya, coated with white sugar balls. Bal Mithai is known for its mouth -watering flavors and exquisite looks. Origin of Bal mithai is believed to be from Almora.


Singodi Mithai is the most famous sweet of Kumaon. It is made from khoya & sugar and then wrapped in Malu leaves. The fresh smell of Malu leaf and taste khoya flavoured with cardamom, coconut is superb. Origin of Singodi is believed to be from Almora.


Chocolate is a brown fudge, made with roasted khoya and is not coated with white sugar balls. Chocolate sometime known as chocolate barfi is also another popular sweet from Uttarakhand.


Pua/Pooe is made with suji, banana, ghee, sugar and is a widely popular sweet dish in Kumaon. In Kumaoni Culture no festive feast is complete without Pua. Pua is considered an auspicious sweet to prepare for festivals and is offered as prasad to God.


Singal are fried semolina spirals that are part and parcel of Kumaoni culture and festivals especially Deepawali and Bhaiduj. Singhal is fried in the shape of the giant jalebi while its sweetness is very mild.


Khajoor is a traditional sweet which is like fried cookie made with whole wheat flour, milk, ghee, fennel seeds, semolina, and jaggery (sometimes sugar is substituted). It is prepared at various cultural events such as Makar Sankranti, Holi, and other regional festivals.