Garhwali Cuisine

Food of Uttarakhand


The traditional food of Uttarakhand is simple to prepare, highly nutritious at the same time appealing to the palate. Kumaon and Garhwal are two distinct constituent regions, both having their own distinctive traditions, festivals and culture and they unite as one in its methods of cooking and the choice of ingredients. Uniqueness about the food of Uttarakhand is the fact that they are mostly cooked over burning wood (slow fire), which bestows them with additional nutritional qualities. 

In Uttarakhand food habits of people change according to the changing seasons; while in winter Madua Rotis are preferred whereas in summers Dubka with Chholia Rotis are savoured. 

Conclusion about Cuisine of Uttarakhand is incomplete without its deserts, of which Singal-Puha, Jhangora ki Kheer, Singodi and Baal Mithai are speciality of Uttarakhand.



The ingredients responsible for adding taste and incredible aroma to the food of Uttarakhand are varied lentils & variety of flours that are exclusive to Uttarakhand state. Garhwali cuisine is a regional cuisine from the state of Uttarakhand. Characteristically grain and cereal based, made up of simple ingredients, cooked with minimal spicing, simple temperings and optimal cooking methods into flavourful, filling and nutritious meals.The Garhwali food from the picturesque hill state is as unique as its impressive culture and vibrant traditions.  

Phaanu in a skillet

PHAANU (Source)


Phaanu or phanoo or phanu is made by soaking dal or combination of them overnight. Its made of dals which are soaked in water for about 4 to 6 hours before its use. They are then grounded into a paste and cooked. This soupy dish, when served with freshly cooked white rice, makes a perfect luncheon for winter season. 

Chaisoo with garnishing above it



Chainsoo is a delicacy of Garhwal and is prepared by using black gram dal.  Homemakers would dry roast urad daal, then coarsely grind it and cook it with ghee, tomato ginger garlic paste and temper it with Jakhya. Jakhya is a whole spice used for tempering dal, gravy or vegetable in Garhwali cuisine. You need to roast the lentils first and make a fine paste out of it. Transfer the mixture into an iron pot, keep the flame low and stir until it’s ready to serve. 

Garhwal ka Fannah with garnishing above it



Garhwal ka Fannah is a delicacy from the Queen of Mountains, Mussoorie and is a delicious dal dish which is loaded with scrumptious flavours and simple ingredients. 




Thechwani comes from the word thinchao, which means to pound or squash in the local dialect of Garhwal. While cooking Thechwani, potatoes and other vegetables are not cut with a knife but are simple squashed before being added to the curry. Radish is also an important component of this recipe. Potatoes and radish (pahari muli) are cooked in varied masalas and chilies. 

sisunaak ka saag



A peculiar kind of a preparation coming from Uttarakhand, Sisunaak Saag is a dish that is not frequently cooked in lhousehold but it does have its uniqueness. Sisun or Bichhu  Ghas is a plant that has thorns all over, and touching it even for a brief moment can cause itching for several hours. A dish is prepared by this lethal-looking plant, for which it is put in hot water and then a paste of it is made. This paste is then cooked with tomato and ghee. 

Kafuli garnished with red chili

KAFULI (Source)


Kafuli is a boon for all diet-conscious people and is one of the most nourishing and health-conscious dish you will come across in Uttarakhand. Kafuli is a famous food of Uttarakhand prepared of Spinach and fenugreek leaves which are cooked till soft and blitzed to form a smooth paste and then cooked along with Indian spice and thickened with rice flour.